tunnel bluffs proposal with Mack +Cate

When Mackenzie messaged me on Instagram saying he was planning on popping the question to Cate and wanted me to capture the moment I was SO excited (Cate is a friend of mine and she's sweet as pie!) So I asked Mack what his plan was for getting down on one knee and he shared a few ideas but hadn't settled on exacts quite yet so I asked if he wanted my help to plan a sneaky scheme that would hopefully keep the surprise a surprise (and spare me from having to hide out in the bushes because Cate would recognize me lol!). Oh, let me also mention here that despite me being friends with Cate, I'd not met Mack before, so this was going to be extra scheme-y in the most delightful and wonderful way! Here was the plan:

At the time, I was working with a Vancouver apparel brand and thought we could use this to our advantage so I posted on my Instagram story that I needed a male and female (preferably a couple) to model for me and we were going to do the shoot in Lions Bay at the Tunnel Bluffs hike lookout (full well knowing that Mack and Cate were already planning on doing that hike that day anyways hehe!). So, I messaged Mackenzie when my story was up so he could show Cate (if she hadn't seen it already) and suggest to her that they be my models! He was to make the suggestion bold enough until she obliged (lol!) yet make it subtle enough that nothing stood out as odd but basically he had to get her on board. So when she messaged me saying that she and Mack could model for the shoot as they were planning to hike Tunnel Bluffs anyways, of course my response was "Oh no way what a coincidence! And yes that works out perfectly and I'd LOVE for you two to model for me!" (hehe).

Fast forward to the day of our hike/shoot and we met in the parking lot at the base of the hike and of course Mack and I had to pretend we had never chatted before so it was all like "Oh hey you must be Mack! Nice to meet you!" (more hehe). We hiked up super casually and it was all fun and dandy and luckily when we got to the lookout there were only a few people there but once they left we had the whole place to ourselves! Of course in sticking with the plan we did start out with the apparel brand shoot. Mostly I was also just waiting for the lighting to soften up lol. Once it did and it was time for Mack to take the stage, I asked Cate to change into the skirt she'd brought and synch her t-shirt around her waist and then I positioned her to face towards Howe Sound with her back towards us and told her to hold that position while I got a few different angles. As this is happening Mack went to his bag to get the ring and tip toed behind her to get down on one knee...

The rest is history (see for yourself) xo